July 5, 2021

Different types of birth control pills

By admin

The birth control pill is taken by the woman who does not want to get pregnant or delay the pregnancy. There are different types of birth control pills which a woman can take but it is not compulsory that all the types of pills will suit everyone. That is why you need to contact your doctor before you start the pills. You can buy birth control pills singapore online or from medical stores. Every woman should know about birth control pills. So let us learn about different types of birth control pills.

  • Combination pills: The combination pills contain hormones and they are estrogen and progestin. There are two types of pills you can find in this one is the active pill that means it has hormones and the other one is the inactive pill which means no hormone in it. There are three types of these pills.

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  • Monophasic pills: This pill is used for one month period in which every active pill will give you similar dose of hormones and in the final week you will use the inactive pills.
  • Multiphasic pills: These pills are also used in one month period but the active pills will provide a different level of hormones and in the final week you take the inactive pills.
  • Extended cycle pills: The pill cycle here is thirteen weeks. In which for twelve weeks you take active pills and for one week you take inactive pills. Due to the long cycle of taking pills, you will be getting your periods on twice thrice in a year.
  • Progestin- Only Pills: These types of pills only contain the progestin hormone and these pills are good for those women who are not supposed to take the estrogen hormone due to some health issues. In this, you will only have an active pill and there are no inactive pills.


Hope this information will be benefited you to get some knowledge about birth control pills.