May 26, 2023

Successful and legally compliant Facebook sweepstakes

By admin

There are many users who participate in sweepstakes on Facebook. What justifies the popularity of this format? Whether it’s answering a tricky question or giving advice, these competitions are fun and are made more appealing by the prospect of a prize. All of this obviously attracts the attention of classic advertising and allows potential customers to interact with a company in a fun way fun888 app.

However, it is necessary to carefully evaluate whether it is worth taking this path, which also requires a commitment in terms of time: it is therefore advisable to set concrete objectives and never lose sight of them. It is also important to keep an eye out for legal pitfalls www fun888.

Facebook sweepstakes: when is it worth it?

Win an award, connect with your favorite company or voice your opinion – a Facebook contest can provide many incentives to engage with a company. It’s a way to activate passive fans and to reach a greater number of users who can turn into fans or customers.

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One thing is certain: you increase your organic range . With this method, there is no need to pay any money. However, that shouldn’t be the main goal, because organic reach rarely leads to lasting success: in fact, the organic reach achieved with premium games is only effective in the short term. If no follow-up or continuation actions are implemented, the curve due to the increased range begins to drop rapidly.

Some experts even believe that this negatively affects the Facebook algorithm . If a single post produces unusually high interaction in relation to other posts, the algorithm sees it as unnatural and therefore devalues ​​the profile page in question. On the other hand, those who act strategically achieve greater results and improve their presence in a lasting way.

Do you have a retail store, are you responsible for marketing an online store or run a blog? Depending on your area, the objectives to be pursued are different. With contests on Facebook you can set yourself different goals , such as getting to know customers better, generating interest in buying a product or gaining more readers. Once you define your goal, you can more quickly define the formalities such as the prize, the format of the lottery and the evaluation, as well as finalize the type of language depending on the target audience.